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Meet 17 Women Taking on the African Digital Business Landscape

Could women take up the digital business landscape in Africa? This a question some people would want to ask as more often than not, men are always at the fore when it comes to business in general. Digital business is not just a crotchety old man’s world, women are making…

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5 Business Ideas yet to be Fully Explored in Africa

If you’re a young person in Africa, especially in Nigeria, there’s a good chance you currently aren’t comfortable with your job or you’re yet to find one. It’s not unusual. A significant 40% of people between the ages of 25-34 were unemployed in 2017, according to the Nigerian National Bureau…

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15 Tech Tools to Improve your Productivity as a Small Business Owner

Running a small business can be rewarding, but it’s often exhausting when you don’t have a clue on the right tools to enhance your work. Luckily, there are a countless number of tools to streamline operations and boost productivity. One key in building the right “stack” is by finding tools…

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21 Digital Marketing Hack for Your Businesses

Marketing a business online using the various social media available can drive sales if well handled and at the same time be frustrating when the right tools aren’t utilised. You may end up spending heavily on data monthly putting contents out there with little or no engagements from your potential…

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